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Cliff Miller

Inspiration & Legacy

Cliff Miller has emerged as a unique and prolific voice in the Northwest music scene with a quickly-expanding collection of work defined by catchy melodies and poignant lyrics.  Through sheer tenacity and a love for making and performing music, he's earned his place on stages alongside names such as Lee Brice, Whitey Morgan, Randy Houser, Casey Donahew, and Jerrod Nieman. 

Cliff derives inspiration from the small town where he grew up and now raises his own family.  His talent for capturing the full spectrum of life's experiences in timeless melody and verse has attracted a stellar group of musicians to his side. 

Cliff is lucky to have several amazing fiddle players he calls friend, and luckier to call them team members. At any given show you could hear the fiddle styling of one or more of these fine players. Matthew Hartz and Cliff are longtime friends and have shared  countless stages. Several of his students, Lanie Shippy, Luke Brow, and Makaela Ruggs are all staples of the Idaho fiddle community as well, and though they all share similar roots in music, each player has a distinct style adding unique color to any Cliff Miller show

Fred Fischer, drummer extraordinaire, prides himself on precision timing and showmanship.  A veteran of countless stages and genres, his contributions to the band include song composition, structure, and business acumen.  It's a good thing Fred is a celebrated drum instructor with his own recording studio since his performances inspire so many drummers-to-be. 

Marc Grubert is an accomplished bassist and friend of the band. When the bands original bassist, Alf had to step aside for other life priorities, Marc was an easy decision and perfect fit. His energy, professionalism and friendly demeanor, along with a wide range of musical influence make him a welcome addition to the band.

It all ads up to an experienced lineup of committed professional musicians who deliver the goods on time every time.  Attend a performance soon or book the band today and see for yourself!